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How This Rough Economoy may be GOOD for your Entertainment Career…

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‘New Moon’ debuts this week to much fanfare across the Nation and across the World.

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson are on nearly every talk show and news channel promoting, schmoozing, and (always) denying their off-screen romance. It seems as if these two have been stars forever now.

But it wasn’t always so… Stewart and Pattinson were seemingly cast out of nowhere for the lead roles (and the millions of fans and dollars that followed) for a moderately budgeted movie franchise that is an international phenomenon. True, Pattinson did spend a little time with a famous wizard at Hogwarts Academy, but he wasn’t a superstar.

With ‘New Moon’ we have another “overnight” superstar in Taylor Lautner, and a cast of Abercrombie stand-ins (sans body hair).

How is this good news for you?

Movie Studios are finding ways to cut costs and doing away with a “need” to cast A-List actors in movies is one of them. Yes, somehow Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner keep finding ways to earn their salaries and revenue sharing earnings, but in this day and age Studios are finding new(er) talent for lead roles and for a fraction of the cost. True, both Stewart and Pattinson earned around $2 million each for their respective roles in the ‘Twilight’ movie, and each earned a hefty raise to around $12 million each for ‘New Moon’ (and a cut of profits this go-round), but it’s still cheaper than paying $20 mil up front for an aging star.

These days no one can predict what movie will hit big and what will crash and burn, so Executives are looking for talented young actors and actresses from coast to coast. The new fan-girl meat is Taylor Lautner, and I can guarantee you he made (comparative) pennies for ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’, compared to if the casting choice would have been… say… Chris O’Donnell.

Other movies: ‘The Hangover’, the re-make of the cult classic ‘Clash of the Titans’, the original ‘Transformers’ film (at the time Shia Labeouf was an up-and-comer and Megan Fox hadn’t hit mainstream)… all of them had/have no A-List stars but are/were massive hits (We’ll see about ‘Clash’, but it’s getting good buzz).

As production houses cut costs and tighten budgets it’s important to remember that the NUMBER of productions coming out isn’t dropping at all. Creative Executive-types are just finding smarter ways to spend their money and ::gasp:: put out a better overall quality product.

So if you act, now’s the time to act. You never know when a few guest starring roles, or a few small roles in indie films, could land you the lead role in a feature.

Perfect your craft.

~Jeremy (@Archangel_PR)


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