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A little hiccup in the editing of my interview with Randal Reeder. My apologies; it’ll be up as soon as possible!


Written by Jeremy Long

December 26, 2009 at 11:21 PM

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Looking Ahead…

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I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season!

We got a later start with Archangel TV than I would have hoped for in 2009, but we have a ton of fun interviews lined up for 2010… here’s a preview for our 2009 finale!


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I’m feeling restless today. There’s really no other way to explain it. It’s one of those days where I have a million thoughts running through my brain and I can’t seem to focus on just one.

The biggest collective thought is a general who / what / when / where / why / how for 2010.

In my overall short time as a small business professional I have found that days like today are my weakest moments. I get caught up in the details of the answers for questions I haven’t even thought up yet. Business can be darn confusing, and for a guy who prides himself on knowledge and having a solid answer at all times, it shows how far I have yet to go.

I want a lot of things for 2010. More wisdom, more success, more relationships, and yes, even more money. Coupled with these things, and even apart from these things I want more ACTION.

I want to explore and blaze trails for myself. I want to see new horizons and touch foreign soil. I want to feel the familiar breeze in an unfamiliar land. I want to see a new landscape with new friends. I want new successes for myself and for my co-workers and colleagues. I want to hit a home run and score a touchdown. I want to stand at the top of a mountain. I want to sit down in a home that’s not my own and share the wisdom that has so graciously been shared with me.

I also want to fail. I want to strikeout. I want to stumble and fall. I want to get a black eye. I want to feel the sting of defeat. I want to fall flat on my face.

I then want to pick myself up and do it all over again. Why?

We learn more by our failures and shortcomings than from our successes.

I’m ready to win and to lose in 2010. I’m ready for the ups and downs, for the joy and the heartache. I’m ready for the tears and for the laughter. I’m ready to help more people than ever before through conversation and consulting, and I’m also ready to ask for exponentially more help.

2010 – the year of action.

I Bet She Has a Great Personali-tweet

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This is only my opinion but if you’re going to open a Twitter account in a corporate name, or you are representing yourself as a brand on Twitter, at least be personable. What I mean is, at least chat back, don’t just send out junk-tweets like ads on TV or spammy e-mails.

I don’t expect an hour long situation about non-sense but when a “company” tweets something along the following: “We’re running specials all day long; 20% off everything til close!” And you reply with a very simple “Which store location? What time do you close?”, is it too much to ask for a reply of “1034 McFaddin; 8pm”?

Yes, maybe the owner or company rep had a busy day and no time to reply OR they simply missed the message. Happens to everyone. So I decided to follow-up with a few more replies to their corporate tweets and still… no reply. So I sent a few direct messages about merchandise and website questions. Nothing.

Apparently, the owner or, more than likely, marketing director was told to open a Twitter account because it was a great way to engage customers and advertise AT them. So the obligatory 3-6 tweets a day are sent out “advertising” goods and services. A quick glance at their profile will reveal that I wasn’t the only one talking to the company and getting zero response.

Again, my point in all of this isn’t to dog the company. I hope small business owners who use Twitter will use it to become more transparent with their consumers and be human.

I’ll be sending another direct message to them with a link to this blog… maybe they’ll get the message, but given the history, probably not.

Simply Put…

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Return your phone calls and e-mails.

All of them. Or at least try.

When someone (in this case, me) tries to call (3x), e-mail (2x), and stop by your office (1x)… at least give me the courtesy of a return e-mail or phone call. Even if your answer is ‘No’.

Jeez. Do they teach common-freakin-business-professionalism anymore? Most people don’t need a 3 page reply, but taking the time to type out a short sentence isn’t difficult and shouldn’t be “beneath you.”


Perfect your craft (and return your damn messages).



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The latest episode of Archangel TV is up on our homepage or go ahead and watch it right here:

Shortly we’ll have an on-set interview with actor Randal Reeder who is now going full steam into directing and the results are being very well-received. I’ll go ahead and hook you up with a trailer from his latest movie ‘For Whom He Tolls’.

I’ll also sit down with some other fun guests as we get closer to the New Year… stay tuned!