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I Bet She Has a Great Personali-tweet

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This is only my opinion but if you’re going to open a Twitter account in a corporate name, or you are representing yourself as a brand on Twitter, at least be personable. What I mean is, at least chat back, don’t just send out junk-tweets like ads on TV or spammy e-mails.

I don’t expect an hour long situation about non-sense but when a “company” tweets something along the following: “We’re running specials all day long; 20% off everything til close!” And you reply with a very simple “Which store location? What time do you close?”, is it too much to ask for a reply of “1034 McFaddin; 8pm”?

Yes, maybe the owner or company rep had a busy day and no time to reply OR they simply missed the message. Happens to everyone. So I decided to follow-up with a few more replies to their corporate tweets and still… no reply. So I sent a few direct messages about merchandise and website questions. Nothing.

Apparently, the owner or, more than likely, marketing director was told to open a Twitter account because it was a great way to engage customers and advertise AT them. So the obligatory 3-6 tweets a day are sent out “advertising” goods and services. A quick glance at their profile will reveal that I wasn’t the only one talking to the company and getting zero response.

Again, my point in all of this isn’t to dog the company. I hope small business owners who use Twitter will use it to become more transparent with their consumers and be human.

I’ll be sending another direct message to them with a link to this blog… maybe they’ll get the message, but given the history, probably not.


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