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The age old question from most upstart actors and actresses is “How can I find an Agent?” or “How can I get signed with an Agent?”

There are literally TONS of sources and references for this kind of topic! Just Google the question and you’ll get more results and more “wisdom” than you probably ever care to have on the subject.

So, let me add a twist to the whole process if you’ve got that same question: FINDING an Agent is easy. They’re everywhere. They come in every shape, size, and color.

The real question you should ask is this: How do I sign with the Agent that is right for my goals and my future?

This is where a lot of potential actors and actresses trip themselves up. Let me be honest with you if you’re seeking an Agent: 95% of the time an Agent in Houston/Dallas/Austin/Atlanta etc will not get you “Hollywood” type work. These are big cities, but honestly, they’re not New York or Los Angeles. We live in the digital age and these places are “closer” than ever before, but LA & NYC are still the places where deals are made.

A lot of actors / actresses won’t ask that question, and most Agents won’t fess up to that fact. Houston Agents can and should get you local / regional work with a few nibbles at West Coast work… Atlanta Agents can and should get you local / regional work with a few nibbles… but it’s highly UNLIKELY (not impossible, but unlikely) that you will be in the next Hugh Jackman movie through your Dallas-based acting agency.

I know, I sound like a jerk. But the biggest complaint I hear from real-life Agents about unproven, inexperienced talent is that they’re looking to be the next Julia Roberts or Matt Damon.

So what would be a good starting point then?

1.) Find a quality agency (i.e. Houston: Pastorini-Bosby Talent) and start getting some experience on local commercials / voice-overs, etc.

2.) Follow the instructions on the agency site when contacting or soliciting for an offer of representation. If the site says “do not call”, then don’t call. That’s the quickest way for your headshot to wind up in a trashcan.

3.) Do not harass an agency / Agent. Pretty self-explanatory. Maybe they just have too many other folks that look / act just like you. Doesn’t mean you’re not great, but they have a ton of clients already and not enough work to go around.

4.) Market yourself! If you sign with an agency, your typical Agent has about 50-75 talented and tragically underpaid actors/actresses at their disposal (this is per Agent; an agency can have HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU.). Always have your headshot/resume with you and take some time each day to go check out Actors Access and sites like that to search for opportunities. Remember to always check with your Agent about those opportunities though and get them to see if the offer is legit so they can get you the most money for your services.

5.) If you’re an actor, you need to be acting. If you’re a writer, you should be writing. If you’re a musician, you should be out playing your instrument. It’s as simple as that. If you haven’t acted professionally in a play / film / tv episode in 2 years, but you still consider yourself an “actor”, please stop wasting your breath and an Agent’s time. You should be attending workshops at the very least.

Anyway… you could write entire books on the “right” and “wrong” way to start a career in entertainment. Actually, they have.

Remember to keep honing your craft and keep your head up. While you’re at it, check out my interviews with some great producers and it may just help you out even more!


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