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New Additions…

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I’m extremely excited about the new projects in the works with ZeroCut Creative!

The plan that started out at the beginning of the year with a lot of energy slowly started losing steam in the Spring. Life happens, or doesn’t happen, depending on our situations.

Through natural progression, our personal (pet) projects have made their way back to the forefront of our minds. Best of all, it’s all moving ahead at a rapid pace with the plan of showcasing them (and actually telling you in great detail what they are) in October 2010. That means September is going to be a very busy month!

Can’t wait… and yes, more details are coming!


Written by Jeremy Long

August 16, 2010 at 8:59 AM

Your Community Should Foster and Encourage Young Talent!…

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My hometown is a bit of a downer.

Don’t get me wrong I love where I’m from even if it is a bit backwards and small town-ish. Beaumont, Texas (pop. 111,000) isn’t exactly “small” but it’s no Manhattan. I’m relatively young still but I know that the one thing the people my age say around here is this:

“This place is a black hole for talented people or people with any type of dream other than refinery work.”

Beaumont, like so many other small towns in the middle of nowhere, isn’t short on talent. But the lesson most often learned the hard way here is unless you plan to work at the refineries that surround this area, you better start packing your bags.

The answer isn’t here, but somewhere else.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but never the less this is the situation that the “good ol’ boy” system in our area has created. They don’t want to hear your ideas unless you go off somewhere, create it, and then bring it back or if your family name is prominent then a few more doors will open for you too. When you’ve finally made some cash, then and only then are they proud to call you their own.

I hate to sound like I’m complaining but in too many ways, I am.

For dreamers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners the phrase “no” is common place. But in the case of encouraging, fostering, and setting about change in an unfriendly place, we must begin with ourselves. I can only speak for my experiences in this part of the world, but Beaumont is without a doubt a no-centric, hostile place. Not many business owners want to offer help and support or mentoring without first gaining money or a share in your company first.

It kills creativity. This way of thinking stops the next generation in its tracks. I know it deterred my plans quite a bit until I found help online. Even in this digital age though we should be able to reach out to our real life communities for guidance.

So my resolution will always be the same, treat others the way I would like (or would have hoped) to be treated.

What’s your take?

Envy thy Enemy…

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Sometimes I envy my competition. I’m human; I can’t help it.

I also want her hat.

I look at my current struggles over money, time, sleep deprivation, family obligations. This is a constant juggling act that I’ve knowingly created and I eagerly jump into every day. Most of my day is consumed with the tasks that I need to perform, but there’s always a moment that comes and goes every week where I can’t help myself.

I need to know what my competition is doing. Better yet, I need to know HOW my competition is doing.

On the surface their website is sleeker and has more fresh content. What’s this? They actually paid cash for a new brick and mortar building? And in the hip, upcoming downtown spot that I’ve had my eye on for the past few years? I just saw the CEO at a business luncheon (that they sponsored). Someone handed me their fancy new business cards and said those dreaded words, “Have you heard? They’ve gone global.” Everyone at that company drives a Mercedes or a BMW. Oh, that’s a good reminder, my Nissan needs an oil change.

On the surface, the competition is kicking my butt.

When I feel myself getting caught up in these moments (and like I said, they come weekly), it helps when I’m reminded that I will never truly see what’s happening behind the scenes. Are layoffs the price of that new office, or that global expansion? Is the boss mortgaging the company’s future for the feel of a Mercedes today? Are their clients as fed up with their work as the rest of are about hearing about it.

Even beyond this is a feeling of guilt: I want my competition to succeed.

These are real people. They have real problems. And rather than walking around hoping that they fail, it would probably do wonders for my karma and energy to wish them nothing but success. Yes, I want success for my endeavors… and I truly want to be the best at whatever I put my mind to… but I know no good will come from my wishing misfortune on others.

After all I wouldn’t want others wishing these things on me.

So this week when I begin to look at what the competition has bought, sold, acquired, stolen, introduced, or how they have seemingly created the “next big thing”, I will strive to change my way of thinking.

Focus on what I’m doing only. Glances to the left and right are normal, but it’s not healthy to stare. Everyone succeeds and fails at their own pace. My moment in the sun is just around the corner.

Pretty soon someone else will be sweating me too.

Time to Learn from Your Mistakes!

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Whether we like it or not, we are all moving forward into the future. Some of us cling to old memories and stories of days long gone. We hold on to pictures of ourselves when we were young and compare them to recent pictures where we are decidedly less than young.

Last night I cleaned out the filing cabinets that hold my entire collective entrepreneur and business history. While I was looking through the invoices, the receipts, and the e-mails, I began to separate the papers into the ventures I considered successful (the ones that made me money) and the ones that I thought were epic bombs (the ones that lost me money).

I wasn’t stunned by what I saw.

The “failure” pile was immensely bigger than the “success” pile. I’ll tell you in all honesty, I was a bit crushed. The first decade of my business existence looked like a history lesson in “What Not To Do: 101.” In all, my failures should serve as a warning to others. Better yet, these failures should serve as a lesson for myself.

Both my success and my failure have brought me to the place I currently reside.

My success provides money and livelihood. It sustains me and allows me to purchase goods and even provides a shot of confidence. But my failures allow me something just as valuable: experience.

I value experience as much as I value education and/or money.

Everyone is different, but I hope that if you are ever at a point where you can stop and examine the last few years of your business or personal life, that you’ll count it all joy. These things are making you the person you are. The trials and tribulations of this (business) life will make you stronger if you allow it to.

If you learn a lesson from each failure, as well as each success, you’ll be that much stronger in the end.

Why You Should Work Yourself to Death…

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Bones to bury... shoes to eat...

It’s late, or maybe it’s early. Either way, you’re tired.

Don’t worry. If you can make it to 5:30pm on Friday you’ll be sitting pretty looking forward to another weekend. If you’re like most folks those nice, fuzzy “weekend feelings” usually end Sunday evening when you realize that Monday morning is a few hours away. So you start preparing for the week however you can. You lay out an outfit for Monday, maybe prepare your lunch since you’re brown bagging it lately “due to the economy” (and not so much due to your ever expanding spare tire). You lay your head down at a reasonable hour and you may sleep, but you never rest. Your mind is too busy looking at the week ahead.

Then before you know it, your alarm is screaming. Time to get a move on! But you honestly don’t want to. You’d rather lay in your bed and not wake up for another few hours, but you do so begrudgingly because those damn bills have to be paid. Maybe you work out, maybe you don’t, but then you grab a shower, grab a bite, and head out the door to another week of unsatisfying work.

If this is your life, do it full blast. Enjoy those paychecks! Enjoy that restless sleep! Work yourself to death! Just think, if you push yourself and push yourself, you’ll complete a few more assignments, move a little ink, and maybe one day your boss will notice and pay you what you’re worth.

Don’t worry, you’ve only got thirty more years until you retire. That’s only 1,500 more weeks or so of this and BOOOOOOM! The sweet, sweet embrace of death will be here to take you to the other side (or if you’re atheist, nowhere).

One question though: ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDING ME?!?

This is how you want to spend your life? Working your ass off day in and day out, only to be “rewarded” with two or three weeks of vacation a year?? You gladly trade time away from your family, friends, and the things that matter most to you for a chance to upgrade your 2006 Honda Civic to a 2010 Honda Accord? You’re giving up your life to trade in your 1,200 square foot house for a 2,250 square foot house?

**Don’t get me wrong, material things are great. If someone wants to give me $100 million dollars, then I will gladly accept it and promptly move to a small island somewhere never to be seen or heard from again.**

The most precious commodity you have is time. We freely give our time away; time we can never recover. Even as I type this and you read it (and hopefully share it with friends), we are giving are time up.

This will always happen, but I hope you more closely examine the things you give your time to. For me, giving an extra few hours on any project that ultimately doesn’t make me happy or help me spend more time with my family is without a doubt, a complete WASTE.

Decide today what kind of life you want to lead, because you ultimately get one time to do it.

Get busy… times a wastin’!

Pick Yourself Up…

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I just got my ass kicked.

This guy probably did it.

Not in the physical sense, but the crowd ate it up anyway. The monster standing beside me, former WCW professional wrestler Krusher Kong (of the Colossal Kongs), was just defeated in the main event of our TV pilot episode being filmed at a civic center in deep East Texas.

We lost, but I was euphoric. The TV taping was literally 2 years in the making and tonight was the night. We were so close to getting this TV product off of the ground. The energy was good, spirits were high. It was a fairy tale ending to all of the long hours at the office, on the road, and in meetings. The real work was about to begin but we didn’t care, this part was over.

Unlike most fairy tales though, this one didn’t have a happily ever after.

Instead the economy continued to fall apart at a record pace. Budgets dried up. People lost their jobs and livelihoods. That wasn’t the only reason I’m sure, but it was the main reason. No matter what the reason though, in the end, we lost our show.

The product itself was great. The local TV affiliates wanted to the show on air, but no one could take on extra production costs at a time when most stations didn’t know if they would survive.

After almost 3 years of hard work, the closest my dream TV show would get to small screen would be when I played it on my Mac. For me, it was a heart-wrenching time. I literally gave everything I had for this dream to come to fruition, but it vanished and there was nothing I could do.

I wanted to quit everything. I don’t believe I was depressed during this time, but I do believe I was mentally exhausted.

These seem to be the hardest times to pick yourself up, but these are without a doubt, the times you need to do just that. Don’t wallow in self-pity. Stop blaming yourself for problems and mistakes. Learn from the experience and start to work on the next production, or the next idea, or the next goal. Get up!

Human beings, by design, are forward-thinking creatures. We have dreams. We have goals. We succeed. We fail.

No matter what path you’re on, remember that hard times, failures, and disappointments will come our way. We need to learn to navigate these waters with the same spirit of excitement and adventure that we have when things are going great for us.

In these rough times, when we learn to pick ourselves up, we often learn what we’re made of.

How This Rough Economoy may be GOOD for your Entertainment Career…

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‘New Moon’ debuts this week to much fanfare across the Nation and across the World.

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson are on nearly every talk show and news channel promoting, schmoozing, and (always) denying their off-screen romance. It seems as if these two have been stars forever now.

But it wasn’t always so… Stewart and Pattinson were seemingly cast out of nowhere for the lead roles (and the millions of fans and dollars that followed) for a moderately budgeted movie franchise that is an international phenomenon. True, Pattinson did spend a little time with a famous wizard at Hogwarts Academy, but he wasn’t a superstar.

With ‘New Moon’ we have another “overnight” superstar in Taylor Lautner, and a cast of Abercrombie stand-ins (sans body hair).

How is this good news for you?

Movie Studios are finding ways to cut costs and doing away with a “need” to cast A-List actors in movies is one of them. Yes, somehow Tom Cruise and Kevin Costner keep finding ways to earn their salaries and revenue sharing earnings, but in this day and age Studios are finding new(er) talent for lead roles and for a fraction of the cost. True, both Stewart and Pattinson earned around $2 million each for their respective roles in the ‘Twilight’ movie, and each earned a hefty raise to around $12 million each for ‘New Moon’ (and a cut of profits this go-round), but it’s still cheaper than paying $20 mil up front for an aging star.

These days no one can predict what movie will hit big and what will crash and burn, so Executives are looking for talented young actors and actresses from coast to coast. The new fan-girl meat is Taylor Lautner, and I can guarantee you he made (comparative) pennies for ‘Twilight’ and ‘New Moon’, compared to if the casting choice would have been… say… Chris O’Donnell.

Other movies: ‘The Hangover’, the re-make of the cult classic ‘Clash of the Titans’, the original ‘Transformers’ film (at the time Shia Labeouf was an up-and-comer and Megan Fox hadn’t hit mainstream)… all of them had/have no A-List stars but are/were massive hits (We’ll see about ‘Clash’, but it’s getting good buzz).

As production houses cut costs and tighten budgets it’s important to remember that the NUMBER of productions coming out isn’t dropping at all. Creative Executive-types are just finding smarter ways to spend their money and ::gasp:: put out a better overall quality product.

So if you act, now’s the time to act. You never know when a few guest starring roles, or a few small roles in indie films, could land you the lead role in a feature.

Perfect your craft.

~Jeremy (@Archangel_PR)